Known for its easy access to numerous waterways, including its namesake, the magnificent Lake Eildon, this popular destination will keep calling you back.

Lake Eildon has over 500kms of shoreline and plenty of water ready for you to explore. Hundreds of houseboats are moored in both public and private harbours. Fishing, boating, water-skiing and wakeboarding are just some of the temptations available.

Explore the rugged hills, open woodlands and dense forest of the Lake Eildon National Park.  Experience the native wildlife, wildflowers and goldmining relics as you bushwalk or try your hand at mountain bike riding.

Within the township of Eildon and around the lake’s shoreline you will find everything you need to make the most of your holiday or short break.

Destinations near Eildon include AlexandraYarckTaggerty and Buxton.

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