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Spend some time in the Heart of Victoria and you will soon find that you simply can’t resist the local wares on offer. From tasty treats and gorgeous gifts to local produce and hand-made jewellery, you’ll find a truly diverse collection of wares right across the Goulburn River Valley. Unique, fresh and varied – the local wares and beautiful produce in the Heart of Victoria are there to be enjoyed! Have fun discovering exclusive food stores and boutiques across the region. Many are stocked with a tempting range of handmade artistic wares, local produce, regional wines and great gift ideas.


Victoria Country Directory & Tourism Information

The Heart of Victoria is an oasis for lovers of nature. The Goulburn River, magnificent lakes and forests, striking mountains and sweeping open plains are just some of the many landscapes found here in this region.

Winemakers in the Heart of Victoria are passionate about their craft and equally as talented. With century-old varieties, new drops and award winning reputations, the region is truly a wine lover’s paradise!

Have you seen the Discover Dindi ‘Official Visitor Guide’ yet? The Official Visitor Guide – a booklet promoting all the

From romantic getaways to family retreats, the Heart of Victoria has you covered with caravan parks, camping grounds, cosy cottages, comfortable hotels and warm welcoming farmsteads.

Dating back to our indigenous ancestors, the region’s history has been shaped by early pioneering farmers, gold miners, irrigators, loggers and bushrangers. Today, it is yours to discover!


Producers in the Heart of Victoria have a burning desire to create food that is delicious, filled with passion and always reflective of its roots. Visitors and locals alike are spoilt for choice!

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