The vibrant town of Dookie has a unique sense of place that comes naturally from its rich, red, ancient soil. You will fall in love with the relaxed, welcoming and creative community that is Dookie.

Dookie’s charming main street features bric-a-brac, antiques and a beautiful old pub.  You will also find vineyards and olive groves not far away.

The Dookie Rail Trail offers you scenic views of the seasonal crops, Mt Major to the south and the gentile Annie Hill to the south east.  The nine kilometre journey is the perfect distance for bike riding with your friends or family.

The walking track at Tallis Wine offers you 360 degree views of the region and the opportunity to truly experience the captivating natural beauty of the landscape that is Dookie.

Destinations near Dookie include SheppartonMooroopnaTatura and Violet Town.

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